We use our skills and experience to collaborate with those who have the desire to make a difference.

Empathy Sessions - Developing Women’s Services to engage more lesbian & bisexual women

Empathy Sessions - Developing a digital trade-tracking system to keep money in the local community

Making a Difference Together -Enabling different generations to identify common ground and work together to develop new ideas for their neighbourhood

Empathy Sessions - Developing audience understanding and organisational culture

Clarity Workshop -  A reflection and visioning session to create clarity to move forwards

Empathy Sessions - identifying user needs and generating ideas for how people can help support the homeless in Manchester

Empathy & Clarity Sessions - Developing stakeholder understanding for improved services and relationships


Making a Difference Together - Understanding people’s needs to develop ideas for using food to reduce loneliness and isolation for older people

Empathy Sessions - Supporting Phonak team to increase their creative confidence and generate innovative ideas

Clarity Workshop - Facilitating clarity, passion, purpose & motivation - establishing the foundations for future projects

Clarity Workshop - Facilitating early stage product and business strategy


Clarity Workshop - Facilitating the refinement of vision, ambitions and intentions for developing a thriving network




We have designed and facilitated processes for: