transform YOUR COMMUNITY and MAKe a DIFFERENCE together

Connect with your neighbours and collaborate to make your community a better place. Making a Difference Together is a transformational and experiential programme that supports people to effectively collaborate through coaching and training in leadership and creative problem solving skills. Making a Difference Together develops people to be Community Leaders able to create and sustain effective collaboration for positive change in their communities.


  • A connected community group

  • Co-created solutions to shared challenges

  • Confidence for community action

  • Deep understanding of other’s perspective and reality

  • A Product or Service prototype to improve the lived experience of a community

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I worked with Maria and Katie from Amity for 3 months in 2016 as part of the Age-friendly Manchester programme. I found them easy to work with, collaborative, responsive, efficient and effective. They quickly understood the requirements of the brief I provided but also checked at appropriate stages to make sure work was on track. I feel that their approach to working can yield clear results that can be used to improve services and neighbourhood working. They worked well with a cross section of people from the community in Whalley Range and have strong communication skills. I look forward to future collaborations and whole-heartedly recommend them.
— Patrick Hanfling, Project Manager, Age-friendly Manchester, Manchester City Council.
The programme has impacted my job and my thinking, it’s impacted on life in general [because] it’s about the way you operate in the world - it’s been very inspirational to me. It made me feel much more confident in my job and capable of being in control and a bit less frantic and more able to take things slowly. I now understand more why people behave the way they do. Also, how you can impact on the healthiness of your work environment by being more mindful of the way you initiate projects, the way you interact.
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
This is a brilliant programme and something that everyone should do! Amity are excellent.
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
I got a lot out of it. I wanted to come back each session. I looked forward to the coaching and group sessions. I found the coaching sessions therapeutic
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
One of my biggest take aways is listening and having a clear mind, find that point where your mind is clear, calm and everything is settled. It makes easier to listen and understand what people are saying to you, give opportunities to listen to others without cutting them off. You are not thinking of a million things while they are talking.
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
I feel more confidence in being able to action ideas and in my ability to express my opinions. I can now talk to people that I don’t really know and have the confidence to get other people enthusiastic about the ideas I have got.
It is nice to know that people in my community are now listening and asking for support. I have the confidence now to feel I can help people
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
“The knowledge is already in the room” is the way this programme is approached. Before the programme this was only a theoretical concept to me
I feel more confident and positive as the weeks go by, certainly more confident in my ability to facilitate in some small way, connecting people. More people in my community are asking for my opinion or asking how to solve a problem within a situation.
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
I just have to try things, just do it, no just have all the ideas in my head, actually go out and make a difference.
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
What I’ve really learnt is to let people talk and not disrupt them. To focus on my listening and be more mindful when I listen to people and get all pre-conceptions out of my head. Being present, listening from a blank canvas - it can tell you more than words.
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
I’ve learned to work with people and don’t take power away from them. I will be working in group settings and I am going to need people’s contributions to move group forward. I see now that if you take power away it stops them from being active members.
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant
Rather than assuming that I know what someone is thinking or about to say, I now really listen to others point of view and ideas
— MaDT Community Leaders Programme Participant