Name of the project

Creative Horticulture - Family Grow Box Project by Yemi Bolatiwa

Please describe your community project
My project aims to engage and teach families and children about growing plants at home and visual art and crafts through growing workshops and creating plant pots/ grow pots with cement. It’s a short summer time programme where 10 families sign up to weekly sessions about growing at home.

Alongside the growing and planting workshops will be some craft workshop, creating grow box / plant boxes for the families while they learn about what they can grow at home.

It is a creative and educational family and community engagement project.

Who have you been collaborating with?
Hulme Community Garden Centre, Manchester City Council, and Local clay artists

Why does this matter to you and your community/neighbours?

This will provide wholesome family activity from the summer holidays. It will help to promote green activity in Hulme. It will also help to push footfall and engagement with two key community assets; Z-arts and Hulme Community Garden Centre. Families and members of the community will be able to socialise and learn at the same time.

It will help to educate families about horticulture, green and environmentally friendly practices in the home, as well as nutrition and ultimately creative learning about botany. It also aims help to the local activities offer families in the summer and hopes to create bonds between families in the area that rarely use the garden centre or Z-arts as community assets.

What would you like your project to achieve?
I’d like to see people making regular visits to Hulme Community Garden Centre, and new connections though arts and horticulture. I’d like the project to develop positive and creative engagement between grownups and children when they create visual artworks together, that they can share and display. I’d like the project to develop a sense of pride and community cohesion between local families. And I’d like to develop new Creative partnership across Hulme Creative.