Please describe your community project

Let’s Keep Growing is a Longsight community group working on turning the alleyways between Slade Ln, Hamilton Rd, Palm St and Hector Rd into a community garden

Who have you been collaborating with?
After the course it’s great to do it in practise and meet the councillors and Neighbourhood Officers and talk about practical things with them. During the course I was still unclear about the role of Councillor and Neighbourhood Officers and it’s great to see how involved and supportive they are. I feel quite confident being around lots of different people and trusting I will know how to be present with them.

Why does this matter to you and your community/neighbours?

I really love thinking back on early moments in the programme - for example the first day when we all said something we are passionate about and to see how those idea at the time felt quite abstract and I feel like there are threads between why we came and what we expressed then and what we are doing now. We came with an abstract idea and we’ve turned it into something ambitious but also very practical - a combination of practicalities and ambition.

It’s great to see younger residents, especially children, who have not planted before. They didn’t know what a worm was and I was surprised. There’s another lady who grows a lot in her garden. Everyone has different interests and skills. We’ve managed to get advice form actual gardeners which is great because, whilst it might seem quite daunting, it’s such a skill with so many parameters. Planting in pots is much harder than in the ground so it’s great that we have those willing people involved to give us advice. People are asking about the alleyaway looking good and people have contacted us and want to work with us.

What would you like your project to achieve?

It’s mainly me and Mo leading the garden and doing the funding applications but my aim long terms is that the garden is eventually run by the people who live there and use it. I want to find a way to open the conversation and for people to get even more involved if they want to.