Please describe your community project
Walking tours of the Northern Quarter for locals to learn more about the neighbourhood and giving the chance to meet others who live in the community. And the Northern Quarter Forum, which is ongoing.

Who have you been collaborating with?
Northern Quarter Forum Residents Group, Hayley Flynn - Tour guide, Tom Collins - MCC Neighbourhoods Officer

Why does this matter to you and your community/neighbours?

I have a fear we are losing our community for all sorts of reasons. Many people don't even know who lives next door to them or have local knowledge about the history & development of the area. It’s very slow going - doing things in little stages, little increments all the time, especially when there is no money involved.

But I enjoy meeting different people, connecting with people that I’ve not necessarily connected with before, because I am out and about doing things like planting.

What would you like your project to achieve?
A community of residents and businesses who will take pride in the area by coming together to achieve this.

I have more Confidence after the programme, learning what is out there to help communities. Sometimes you feel you are just doing things on your own. Learning how to do it with other people, incremental steps = we are here for the long haul.