Please describe your community project
This project focused on the 50+ community in Brunswick. I decided to look at how the over 50s could be supported to develop a sense of purpose within the Brunswick community.

The initial stage of the project involved interviewing and recording short video clips of the 50+ community. Each person was asked a series of questions aimed at their childhood from the age of 0-11 years old. The questions were designed to take people back to a `happy place` and give them a voice.

The next stage of the project will involve the 50+ community working together as a group to learn new skills in simple app based animation. Listening to the video recordings, each member will create a single animation to illustrate one of the answers given on the video, for example an animation of their favourite game. Students and young people will also be involved by creating the images to animate.

The final stage of the project involved sharing the videos with children and young people.

Who have you been collaborating with?
Siobhan O`Connor from Archives+ People from the local community

Why does this matter to you and your community/neighbours?

It gave older people in the community the opportunity to stimulate multi generational discussions around the theme of " the travelling story book", comparing 20th and 21st century childhood experiences.

What would you like your project to achieve?
More attention to be given to the over 50s in the area

Anything else to add?

It's very hard to motivate people especially if they don't see where they are living as their "forever place." As more & more people are encouraged to move into the city centre, it is more important than ever that we encourage local activities outside of work and home to enable & encourage our neighbours to interact.

I am feeling quite confident, getting recognition from others, people seeing me as community connector. Connecting in my work (Brunswick) and in Longsight with the ally way, nice cross over.

Bringing all people together, working in collaboration, connecting with other projects. Now I realised how important it is to work in collaboration with people. You achieve much more, that is a big thing for me!

What is emerging now is lots of networking, a new find confidence. A mindset of lets try it and see if it works, when working with people in the community there is not right or wrong way, you just need to try it.

My confidence has grown. And not wanting to bit myself up if something does not go the way I expected. It is not about the quantity but the quality. I am proud of myself. The programme has made a difference


Traveling story book completed and shown at a work last week. Take ppl in their 50s to a happy time in their life, a series of happy Q. Video in partnership, 10 ppl from all walks of life. Did an animation to show to younger children.  4 animation workshops for ppl to get involved. 50 ppl involved overall in the project. Interviewed homeless, taking to the time in their life when things were good, 
Alley project with Juliet. Started project letñs keep growing, community involved, send lateers, planting days, tidying up, consultation for ppl in the area. We did a workshop, 50 ppl attend, good feedback, asking ppl what they wanted in thier alley way. Bringin ppl out, ppl gravitating towards it. Good way of bringing ppl together and meeting new ppl, at looking at those feel good factor - pretty flowers… they will want to keep it nice. Connecting younger generations, 

Funding pots, generate income Juliet.