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  • 82 Cromwell Avenue
  • Manchester, M16 0BG
  • United Kingdom

Whalley Range

Would you like to work with new people to tackle a challenge in your neighbourhood?

Would you like to learn a new approach to problem solving?

We feel people often don’t have the opportunity to spend time together to discuss the things in their neighbourhood that affect them personally. Making a Difference Together is an event where people identify common ground and collaborate to find solutions to the challenges they face, using a creative problem solving approach called Human Centred Design.

We are making this happen in Whalley Range with a free workshop on the 28th May. We are looking for 12 residents from across Whalley Range to take part. You can read more about the workshop here, or come along on the 7th May to this Taster Session.

At the Taster Session you will experience our approach to tackling community challenges, having fun along the way. Everyone is welcome regardless of age or experience, and refreshments are free!

We are a social enterprise called amity and are partnering with Age Friendly Manchester. At amity we are passionate about making life better for people through their communities, empowering communities to thrive.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 7th May - to book a place please contact Katie at: katie@amityhcd.co. You can also call Patrick Hanfling on 0161 234 4188 (Age Friendly Manchester, or Chris Ricard (Age-friendly Whalley Range) on 0161 881 3744.

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