• JNR8 Youth & Community Centre (map)
  • 82 Cromwell Avenue
  • Manchester, M16 0BG
  • United Kingdom

Whalley Range

Would you like to work with new people to tackle a challenge in your neighbourhood?

Would you like to learn a new approach to problem solving?

We feel people often don’t have the opportunity to share the things in their neighbourhood that affect them personally. We are bringing people in Whalley Range together to identify common ground and co-create solutions to the challenges they face.

We are looking for 12 residents of Whalley Range to join our free workshop to make this happen.

We will share a creative approach to problem solving called Human Centred Design - you will take part in a creative process which can be used for approaching any challenge. The process may result in ideas for new services in your area or ideas for creating better relationships in your neighbourhood.

The day is made up of 3 parts:

CONNECT with each other, with the challenge and with the design process

UNDERSTAND the challenge and the people facing that challenge

IMAGINE what you might do next, how your co-created solution can come to life and how you can use Human Centred Design in the future

No previous experience is needed and if you join the workshop you will:

+ have a fun, creative and constructive experience

+ work and connect with a diverse group of people from your neighbourhood to tackle a shared challenge

+ experience a new approach to solving the problem

You might come up with ideas to take to the council for what your community needs, new ways to overcome barriers between generations or how to improve transport networks where you live - whatever you decide to tackle together, you will create an innovative solution!

For further details or to book your place contact Katie: katie@amityhcd.co. You can also call Patrick Hanfling (Age Friendly Manchester) on 0161 234 4188, or Chris Ricard (Age-friendly Whalley Range) on 0161 881 3744.

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