Making a Difference Together Charlestown And Lower Kersal

Would you like to work with new people to tackle a challenge in your neighbourhood?
Would you like to learn a new approach to problem solving?

At amity we are passionate about making life better for people through their communities, empowering communities to thrive. With Making a Difference Together we bring people together, getting them to empathise with each other and find a way to meet everybody’s needs. 

We are bringing people living in Charlestown and Lower Kersal together to identify common ground and work together to find solutions to the challenges they face.

To make this happen we are running a workshop in Charlestown on 20th August. The workshop is made up of 3 parts:

CONNECT with each other, with the challenge and with the design process

UNDERSTAND the challenge and the people facing that challenge

IMAGINE what you might do next and how your co-created solution can come to life

No previous experience is needed - if you join the workshop you will:

+ have a fun, creative and constructive experience

+ work and connect with a group of people from your neighbourhood

+ experience a new approach to problem solving

You might come up with ideas for what your community needs, new ways to overcome barriers between generations or how to improve transport networks where you live - whatever you decide to tackle together, you will create an innovative solution!

We have 12 places available and we welcome anyone over 18.

To book a place please contact Katie by email at or by phone on 07502226103