Human Centred Design

Human Centred Design is central to the work we do at amity, we believe in it as an approach to problem solving because of it’s inclusive mindsets and iterative process.  Human Centred Design adds social value by enabling the development of solutions that meet people’s needs. The main goal of Human Centred Design is to generate value for the end users of a product, service or system. Human Centred Design is an approach to innovation and problem solving which places people's needs, motivations and behaviours at the centre of the process.
The design process is ideal for problem solving due to its iterative and collaborative nature - the process forms an ideal framework for inspiring action. People come together to understand the exact challenge they want to tackle and who they are tackling it for. They co-create solutions and act together to bring them to life. We seek empathy and believe that everyone can contribute to the process.
Self-confidence, positive attitudes and ownership of projects can be enhanced through this collaborative approach to design. 

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