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Explore our Empathy Sessions, Clarity Workshops and New Relationships Labs or contact us for bespoke co-production training, workshop design and facilitation services.


Co-design your services to better meet people’s needs with our Empathy Sessions. We empower teams to collaborate with customers, developing socially valuable services.
Gain a deep understanding of people and their challenges and ignite creative thinking for new, innovative ideas. We will create the conditions for your organisation to grow in clarity and confidence.


  • A connected team
  • Deep understanding of customers needs  
  • A prototype of a socially valuable service or project
  • An Implementation Plan to move forward with confidence


We design and facilitate sessions to establish foundations based on passion and purpose. We guide you to move forwards with motivation, ambition and intention.

Our Clarity Workshop gives you the space to step back and align your project with what is important to you. Grow your ideas based on your values, purpose and vision and feel inspired to make your enterprise thrive.


  • Connection to your values
  • Alignment with your purpose
  • Clarity on the value you offer
  • Vision creation
  • Action Plan


Connect with others authentically and build new relationships by putting people at the heart of your interactions. We will work with you to uncover your unique value and co-create an experience that will add value to others and redefine how you generate new partnerships.  


  • Find and honour your uniqueness 
  • Grow your confidence 
  • Develop authentic connections
  • Craft your story
  • Connect with what drives you
  • Identify the value of your work 
Amity recently facilitated a business review session for my company, Enterprise Stuff Ltd. Their response to the brief was spot-on; they designed a session that totally aligned to my expected outcomes. Amity’s style of delivery is what makes them standout, they foster a culture of openness and trust which has been transformational for me, both personally and professionally. The session has helped me clarify my wants and needs for the business whilst helping identify my personal motivations and goals for the future. Thank you Maria and Katie, I shall look forward to working with you again soon
— Jo Mcgrath, Director at Enterprise Stuff Ltd