We graduated from Hyper Island UK in 2013 having learned some things about digital media management and mastered more about living and loving together.

August of that year brought a weekend in the Lake District and marked the point at which our frustration at talking too much became a commitment to action. This felt like a good way to celebrate a year together. 

After many walks and talks about life we realised that we shared a desire to work with meaning, passion and purpose. We didn't know yet how but in time it grew.

We thought about the things we would choose to do if we only had 1 year left of life and listed our life priorities. In the lists some things got our attention: 

  • contribute to the world
  • create the company I would like to work for

We spent evenings and weekends filling our walls with values and purposes, questions and answers, skills and motivation. Eventually these took some shape and a direction emerged:

We want to achieve our shared purpose through design thinking for social impact.

We considered how we would work and who we could work with and set about creating a Social Enterprise. We got our first client, then our second and on a Sunday afternoon decided we would jump out of our comfort zones together and embrace a forever beta mode. Amity arrived.

With thanks to:
Hyper Island UKThe Happy Start Up SchoolLGBT FoundationPort Hotels & Hasan Habib
Spanish sun and Manchester rain. 
Our friends and families.