ESTA Pear Card Empathy Sprint

Project Partners

Gerasimos Balis, HighWire Lancaster University
Michael Hallam, Director and Founder, Lancaster ESTA CIC

The Project

amity supported the development of Pear Card, an innovative collaborative project between local businesses, communities, local education providers and the social enterprise community in Lancaster. Pear Card encourages people to recycle money with businesses that help to build community. 

The Challenge

To understand understand how the local community in Lancaster benefit from local trading

The Approach

A series of sessions used Human Centred Design to:
Understand Pear Card purpose, values, vision and its benefits to society
Empathise with people in the community
Identify needs, motivations and areas were Pear Card could be valuable to the community
Co-create a redesign of Pear Card, focused on meeting communities’ needs  

The Outcome

Community involvement
Increased sense of belonging within the community
Increased sense of purpose and ownership of the project
Product development to better suit community needs

“Working with the amity team was a breath of fresh air. Gone was all the usual five key points to deliver x, y and z. There was nothing tired or formulaic in working with this small dynamic team. I found their fresh, open and creatively intensive process very stimulating...We think we have a far better product as a result.” - Michael Hallam, Director and Founder, Lancaster ESTA CIC