Making a Difference Together Whalley Range

Project Partners

Age Friendly Manchester

The Project

amity and Age Friendly Manchester’s collaboration grew from a shared desire to promote greater understanding and respect between generations. 

The Challenge

Ensure long term commitment to Intergenerational work from participants by forming cohesive intergenerational teams empowered to independently develop desirable, feasible and viable ideas for their neighbourhood.

The Approach

Making a Difference Together gathered people from Whalley Range with an interest in creating change in their neighbourhood. They were guided through a Human Centred Design process, equipping them with the mindsets and methods to tackle problems in an innovate way.

The Outcome

2 ideas for improving community cohesion and 7 ideas for improving public transport

80% felt that after the session they can make a more positive contribution to their local community
80% I felt that the session was an opportunity to engage with others locally
60% felt they put their skills and knowledge to good use at the session
70% felt that, following the session, they understand more about how other people in their community feel
80% met new people at the session
50% felt the session provided them with new skills

“I felt happy and enthusiastic that concerns that I feel about my community were looked at and addressed and felt inspired by ideas - using existing ideas, resources and getting others peoples feedback.” - Workshop Participant 

“I learnt how to find out other people’s thoughts, seeing things from different perspectives and being able to share existing and possible solutions. Finding out what is already there and what could be improved by sharing other people’s experience and knowledge” - Workshop Participant

"I enjoyed working with a variety of people: some I already knew and others I didn't. We came up with fresh ideas together about engaging with other people in the community, looking at issues that can be barriers to participation and ways to address isolation. I think the event helped with the process of planning change and methodically looking at the steps needed to put a new or previously problematic plan in action!" - Workshop Participant

With thanks to the UK Service Design Network for their support