Street Support Empathy Sprint

Project Partners

Street Support Community Awareness Network, Coffee4Craig, Urban Medical Village, Mad Dogs Street Project and the people of Manchester

The Project

Exploring the needs of charities and voluntary groups that support homeless people in Manchester. You can read the Street Support blog about the experience here.

The Challenge

Understand the difficulties homeless support groups have in providing services, understand the needs of people who want to give help and generate ideas for the development of Street Support Network.

The Approach

The session brought together those providing front-line services from a range of organisations. They went out to conduct empathy interviews together, asking members of the public what the experience of helping someone feels like to them – what they feel when they give, and what is difficult. The group analysed the insights they uncovered and generated a host of ideas to meet people's needs via the Street Support platform.

The Outcome

Identification of barriers to successful action to help the homeless
Increased understanding of people who want to give help to homeless people
5 challenge statements based on people's needs
multiple ideas to take forward in the platform design