More Than One Story card game


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What is More Than One Story?

More Than One Story is a card game which was co-designed with students and other members of the community of Simrishamn, Sweden, to build bridges between people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

At amity we believe in the power of empathy and compassion to break down barriers between people and facilitate mutual understanding. We regularly play More Than One Story with groups and find it a wonderful way to bring people together, awakening empathy, compassion, understanding and appreciation for the unique experiences of each person. We are really excited to be bringing More Than One Story to the UK.

Inside each pack there is a welcome card, an instruction card and a deck of game cards.

Each game card suggests a story which players can tell about themselves. In this edition the suggestion on each card is printed in English, Arabic and Spanish.

Two or more players sit in a circle and take turns picking cards, telling stories about themselves and listening to others tell their stories. The carefully designed and tested suggestions, written in three different languages, work to support learning and understanding.

Having received the UN Intercultural Innovation Award 2014 and Democracy Innovation Award 2015 at the World Forum for Democracy, the game is spreading around the world. More Than One Story is being played all over Sweden, in other countries in Europe, in South Africa and North America.

This game is opening hearts and minds wherever fears and prejudices tend to keep people isolated from those who seem different.

More Than One Story promotes integration and inclusion. Playing the game: 

  • increases understanding between people by supporting strangers to get to know each other, or friends and colleagues to discover new things about people they thought they knew well
  • develops self-awareness through reflection when sharing stories
  • strengthens communication skills by encouraging active listening
  • builds trust by creating a space for everyone to speak and be heard
  • unlocks common experiences as people identify with other’s stories

What people say about More Than One Story? 

"Katie Finney & María Mayor delivered a spellbinding workshop at Hyper Island using this game. Such engaged participation and emotional and inspiring reflections and check outs. Absolutely brilliant...Thank you both very much." - Catherine McHenry, Relationship Manager, Hyper Island UK

"The quality of relationships is critical when one of your reasons for being is the belief that you can make more of a difference together than you can acting alone. This is the case for the UK Values Alliance, a membership organisation aimed at putting values at the heart of UK society. We used More Than One Story to help our members get to know each other a little more and open up channels for mutual support, sharing and working together. Using the cards in one group, our conversation very quickly got into areas we wouldn’t normally have discussed and highlighted a few things we had in common that we never would have known about. It was a wonderful conversation with some heartfelt moments and lots of laughter. The cards helped us to know each other more as whole people, not just in the single dimension we had encountered before, and this has built connections that will last." - Liz Murphy, Steering Group Member, UK Values Alliance and Group Head of Talent and Culture, Old Mutual

"More Than One Story is a card game which can change the world!" - Stories for Society Foundation, Stockholm

"I found this a most stimulating and creative way to connect with others in the group as well as reflect on my own life. I got a deeper insight into my fellow players receiving personal information in a very short time that would not usually be given during most conversations with them.  An opportunity to look at various experiences and memories from my own life that, at times, felt quite emotional". - Maureen Watson, Co-founder and Steering Group Member of the UK Values Alliance

"More Than One Story is an amazing card game which has helped advance our work to create welcoming communities."- David Lubell, Director Welcoming America, USA.

"Amazing project and tool for establishing Oneness!" - Vincent S. Khumalo, Director of the Youth Community Development in South Africa.

"More than one story allowed us scratch beneath the surface and learn new things about our team members. It went beyond high-level conversations and gave the team an opportunity to share insights that help us learn more about an individual. Despite working together for years, we were able to uncover stories that were new to one another, which we found refreshing. I also feel as though it brought us closer as a team, as the more we shared, the closer we became."  Mahnaz Yusaf, Digital Communications Manager, Hyper Island UK

Sponsorship Opportunities

Organisations can order special editions of More Than One Story which include their own logos on the box, as well as information about their activities and goals on the sponsor card inside the deck. These special editions can become a very meaningful and valuable tool for marketing and relationship building. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.