amity’s purpose is to facilitate thriving communities. Our vision is for a world where communities and organisations work together to generate collective well-being.

amity's values are a combination of our personal values and they lead how we live and how we work together to deliver our purpose.


Have the courage to change - Challenge assumptions - Be curious to find the real learning - Don’t forget to test your comfort.

Adapt to situations and have the courage and curiosity to go out and learn new things. Ask the right questions and don't settle for the obvious or for the first solution but seek the best approach to generating wellbeing and balance.



Give and share with no other motivation - Collaborate with sensitivity - Respect and seek empathy - Trust always.

Empathise with people in various contexts with sensitivity to understand their real needs. Give and share to help us all grow and learn and move forward towards solutions.


Feel passion every day - Inspire yourself and others - Believe in yourself and in your team - Have faith in the process.

Love the work you do and the people you are working with to feel inspired and passionate about what you do. Be guided by intuition and trust through uncertainty to push through challenges and find solutions.


Be open and transparent with others and yourself - Make it a dialogue and feedback with care.

Share your feelings, expectations and perspective to facilitate the freedom of real communication and help to create a strong team. 


Have fun and positivity - Create happiness.

Promote happiness and have fun to create positive results and achieve your purpose. 



Value individual contribution and be inclusive of all.

Listen to everyone and give space for everyone's contribution to create and open and welcoming environment. 


Take responsibility for your actions - Retain your integrity even if it’s tempting to betray it - Commit with loyalty by doing what you say - Be present in this moment by avoiding distraction.

Take responsibility for your contribution and be a role model to inspire others. Acknowledge that how you behave sets the expectations and standards of behaviour for how others will work. 

Keep room to be mindful and composed - Take others into account, especially under pressure - Decide what you think is right - Step back - Choose kindness.

Seek to to be aware and considerate of others and be prepared to change the way you think to create opportunities to learn.